What is unique about
Black Skin Care?

Or...an equally important question is how is black skin care similar?

We all basically have the same skin, no matter the shade. The similarities and differences along with black skin care tips will be discussed, so please, read on.

black skin care

We Are All Made Of The Same Stuff!

Everyone's skin consists of the same cells and the same three layers. We all also have the same amount of cells called melanocytes which are responsible for producing a pigment called melanin.

However, those with dark skin have more melanin than those with light skin.

The Importance Of Sunscreen

Although the high amount of melanin helps to protect against U.V. rays, in no way is dark skin immune from skin cancer.

Sunscreen is still required and should play a very important part in the lives of those with black skin, brown skin, beige skin, white skin etc.

One of the most common myths about darker skin tones is the belief that a sunscreen is not required but this could not be further from the truth.

Why Does Black Skin Age So Well?

Also thanks to melanin, dark skin tends to stay youthful longer. Wrinkles occur earlier for those with a lighter skin tone partially due to tanning which causes premature aging of the skin.

Anti aging skin care for all is essential as we grow older but keep in mind - that it is never to early to start a proper natural antiaging skin care treatment.

African American skin care should include a natural acne treatment

Although acne is equally as common for all skin tones, dark skin tends to blemish easier.

Acne scars can be more of a problem for dark skin but can be prevented by simply eliminating the urge to pick, squeeze or rub pimples.

Finding a natural acne treatment that works is imperative.

Keloid Scarring

These are raised rubbery shiny scars that appear where the skin has been injured in some way, regardless if by a trauma or surgery.

To avoid keloids individuals with darker skin should avoid any piercings or tattoos.

Dry Skin Care Is A Must

Dry skin is much more noticeable in darker skin making it look ashy or grey.

Natural skin moisturizers are a must in African American skin care and can easily and conveniently prevent this from happening.

From Black Skin Care to Natural Herbal Skin Care

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