Why is
All Natural Baby Skin Care
so important?

All natural baby skin care plays a significant role in a baby's overall health and well being.

Due mostly to the facts that there are no chemicals, dyes, fragrances or other artificial fillers, that can irritate baby's skin and cause baby allergies.

baby skin care

We encourage you to read labels to become aware that the majority of personal care products on the market today are far from healthy for babies, children or even adults.

We highly recommend that you watch the video below, then share with your friends, family, co workers etc. etc.

Since the immune system in newborns is still developing it is imperative to use a natural baby skin care product.

The unhealthy ingredients in industrial products are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream of children as their skin is much thinner and more delicate.

Our goal is to share this knowledge and empower you to look for products that are free from ingredients that contain a variety of cancer causing agents, genetic mutagens, and reproductive toxins.

As there is nothing more valuable than your child's health, look for products that are phthalate and parabens free....

The journal Pediatrics reports that infants are exposed to reproductive toxins in commonly used products such as shampoo, lotions and baby powder.

These toxins are called phthalates and they have been known to cause reproductive deformities.

These toxins are so common that every baby tested was positive for phthalates in their urine, and 80% had seven or more different kinds of this chemical.

This new research provides strong evidence that phthalates in baby products end up inside babies’ bodies, where they pose risks for reproductive system damage.

Many of these same chemicals are banned from baby products in other countries.

Unfortunately, so many of us have purchased these products without questioning their safety. Learn about ingredients, read ingredients lists!

natural baby skin care

Natural baby skin care products include: natural soaps for cleansing the body, scalp and hair; natural body oils for soothing and moisturizing; natural salves for treatment and protection.

Although a natural baby skin care product such as body oil is safe to use on a daily basis, it really isn't required unless there are dry patches.

Something else to keep in mind is that newborns don't really get very dirty so it isn't necessary to bathe them every day, this ensures that the natural oils that protect baby's skin are not stripped away.

A sponge bath will work fine between baths for the first month or so. Making certain that baby's diaper area is cleansed with warm soapy water at change time can assist in the prevention of diaper rash.

Laundry detergent can also cause many skin irritations, this can be prevented by using a pure product free of chemicals, fragrances or dyes as well.

Another baby skin care tip... Make sure all of baby's clothes and bedding are washed before wearing or coming in contact with for the first time. Adding an extra rinse cycle if possible.

Choosing a safe, effective and healthy alternative for the special baby in your life, provides you with peace of mind while providing baby with the benefits and a great introduction to a healthier lifestyle.

What a great way to start!

A trailer from the documentary film My Toxic Baby by Min Sook Lee. One mother's search for safe, sane and affordable ways to raise her child in a toxic world.

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