What do Natural Skin Care Ingredients consist of?

When you are looking to purchase products that contain natural skin care ingredients, it is ideal to buy a 100% all natural creation.

Look for high quality ingredients that do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic fragrances, dyes or synthetic colouring.

natural skin care ingredients

Search for products that are:

  • naturally scented with essential oils
  • natural colourants that are obtained from plant materials
  • vegetable based opposed to animal by products

Keep in mind...not all natural ingredients are always safe for everyone, special attention should be given to children, pregnant women and those with allergies.

How do you ensure the ingredients are natural, safe and effective?

By doing your due diligence, read ingredients lists before you purchase the product. Don't be fooled by false advertising on packaging.

Because there are no restrictions on the word "natural" in marketing, advertising as a natural product can be misleading.

Although the product may contain a tiny trace of natural ingredients, that does not mean it is a natural product.

This video explains why it is your responsibility to always check the label of the product you are buying...

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