A Natural Mosquito Repellent is all about prevention...

A Natural Mosquito Repellent is a safe and peaceful way to prevent an insect bite from occurring in the first place.

During the summer months is when mosquitoes, horseflies, ants, fleas and other insects remind us that they are still around. They often do this by leaving us with a raised red bump or bumps on the skin.

These bumps are usually itchy, swollen and sometimes even painful.

What natural ingredients are easily available to bring relief?

To relieve the discomfort of an insect bite an apple cider vinegar and water solution can be applied for a few minutes using a 1:1 ratio.

natural mosquito repellent

Lemon balm, aloe vera gel, calendula, lavender, and a baking soda paste also relieve irritation and reduce the swelling of a bite.

It is also important to remove the stinger with an onion poultice or tweezers.

natural mosquito repellent

Avoid scratching as this can cause the bite to become infected.

However, if this does happen a garlic or black tea poultice will come in very handy.

For the most part bites are not dangerous but if it appears to get worse rather than getting better over time, consulting a doctor is a good idea.

Sometimes bites can cause an allergic reaction. So if you notice symptoms of dizziness, pains in the chest, nausea, choking or wheezing and/or difficulty breathing you should consider calling an ambulance immediately.

Preventing bites from occurring is the best way to avoid having to deal with the uncomfortable and irritating symptoms that insects can cause for our skin.

Great results have been reported with a natural mosquito repellent that includes eucalyptus citriodora, geranium, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

As mosquitoes are not fans of these they will avoid you at all costs.

Preventing irritation to humans and injury to mosquitoes, peacefully.

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