Natural Psoriasis Treatment - Start Now!

  • Bathe/shower in warm (not hot) water using a 100% natural soap (key psoriasis treatment information), also use as a shampoo, especially if psoriasis of the scalp is present. Pat the skin dry, do not rub.
  • Try bathing daily or twice daily for 15 - 20 minutes in a warm oatmeal bath. Place two cups of oatmeal in a food processor or grinder until it is a fine powder, add to running bath water OR place oatmeal in a stocking with a band around the top (to prevent a mess) and place in tub. This is both soothing and healing.
  • Add a 100% Bath Oil, Epsom salts or Dead sea salts to your bath water.
  • Immediately after bathing, (while skin is soft) apply a natural psoriasis salve, then moisturize with a natural body oil. Continue to reapply throughout the day, this will keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Lubricating the skin with vegetable oils brings relief without side effects.
  • Avoid harsh laundry detergents, they activate a chemical that promotes cell reproductions. We've had great results with natureclean laundry liquid.
  • Avoid any skin care products that are not 100% natural. Synthetic ingredients can be irritants to skin, some people are more sensitive than others.
  • Exposure to sunlight or a UV lamp (that provides UVB rays) 10 minutes per day. The ultra violet light slows the multiplication of skin cells.
  • Apply seawater to affected area several times a day.

Cortisone creams are often prescribed, but beware that this causes the skin to become thin and delicate.

By following the above suggestions you can find peaceful relief from your symptoms today.

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